Solutions to extend the service life of cranes and special machinery

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Specialists in extending the service life of cranes and lifting systems in a facility.

Our team of experts in structures and special machinery has the knowledge, tools and experience to anticipate events, by taking predictive and preventive actions, to keep industrial assets fully operational.






Crane maintenance and renovation

Management of crane maintenance with a cost-effective, sustainable system.

Application of preventive and predictive strategies to avoid process stoppages and component failures, reducing operational costs.

Generation of patterns of faults based on data logs.

Crane design and engineering

Effective response to complex and highly specific crane problems.

Crane upgrading, modifications and capacity increases, brake engineering and implementation, custom crane designs, extending service life, reverse engineering, etc.

Development and creation of unique, project-specific solutions through procedures requiring high precision and specialisation.

Digital transformation

Integration of digital technology into cranes and processes to improve operability and generate value: IoT, Big Data, Machine Learning, Augmented and/or Virtual Reality, Blockchain, etc.

Specific troubleshooting by carrying out scalable projects.

We bring ability and expertise in these projects to avoid getting disorientated in the technologies and lost in the data, to apply the most suitable technologies while keeping our eye on the objectives.

Manufacture of cranes, lifting systems and fixtures

Complete manufacture of various products to serve industry, shipyards and ports. Customisation of solutions.

Manufactured in the Basque Country, in collaboration with companies that are experts in their fields and under strict quality parameters.

Custom lifting structures, bridge crane trolleys, extenders and tyre cages.

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