Zeuko is a company specialising in port cranes, industrial cranes, lifting systems and special machinery.

Its knowledge of these structures and extensive experience in high-precision work has enabled it to form a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified professionals.

A strategic partner in the field of cranes and industrial assets:

The capacity to tackle complete and/or partial projects

Track record in design, engineering, execution and manufacturing

Technological capability

Specific approach to and solutions for the industry 4.0 field

Customised services

Speed, flexibility and productivity

A network of local suppliers and collaborators

Over 25 years

The firm was founded in 1994, but its origins go back much further, as it draws on the track record of Zorroza cranes, Elyma cranes, Urbasa cranes, Krug cranes and Omega cranes. This conglomerate of companies led industrial development in ports, shipyards and steel companies in the 1950s. When they passed the batten to Zeuko, they transferred significant knowledge, as well as a vast archive of crane and machinery plans.

This legacy is known in depth and is part of our heritage. All the technical information from this activity has been collected, classified and organised in our archive. It includes extensive knowledge of engineering, the business, and a large number of cranes and other items of machinery, many of which are still in use.

Integration into the Mareiport group, where its main lines of business are developed until the group is acquired and subsequently wound up, with Zeuko continuing its progress. It begins to become known in the shipyard sector by modifying cranes and increasing their capacities. It begins work begins at the La Naval shipyard in Sestao and nationwide at Ferrol, Gijón, Seville, Cartagena, Cadiz and others.

Our services

The company’s services range from manufacturing, design and engineering to repair and maintenance. They also include execution of complex projects, such as crane upgrading and industrial automation. In the scope of industry 4.0, we have solutions for fitting sensors to industrial assets, as well as for monitoring and digitising cranes and lifting systems.

Sectors covered

Zeuko carries out its activities principally in container terminals, shipyards and industrial companies, especially in sectors where moving loads is a relevant and/or critical process.