An archive with 60.000 crane and industrial equipment plans

In Zeuko, knowledge and trajectory are of paramount importance. Although it might not be very noticeable with the naked eye, it is reflected in a huge archive that is a real gem for the most recent industrial history and also the pride of the brand.

It gathers more than 60 years of industrial history

The archive gathers the plans from the companies that Zeuko took over, who lead the industrial development in the fifties. It contains approximately 60.000 crane and machinery plans more than 60 years old.

It is located in the same office building but in a separate room, full of big drawers with its precious material inside. Both the original furniture and classification system have been kept; the same way it was stored by the manufacturers in their record books, with the client’s names, the machine reference, the complete list of plans and projects.

The original classification system has been kept with the traceability of all plans.

In a parallel system, it is kept the classified documentation that derives from the direct activity of Zeuko. The old plans that are being used and/or updated with a reference to its origin are also included, which maintains their traceability all the time.

In Zeuko’s archive there are plans from the 50’s onwards, mostly of cranes but also of nuclear power plants,  especific transport elements for a particular piece… etc. There are lots of drawings of machines that are out of service but there are other more, of machines that are still alive and functioning perfectly. Amongst them, you can find the drawings and technical specification of emblematic Carola, our most famous crane, and many more with their own story.

All this documentation provides a wide testimony of the evolution of cranes and the trade itself that we will continue to unveil.

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