Our growth in the media

The re-launch of Zeuko is news in the media. In these days various headers have picked up the growth of the company and the new stage it has undertaken towards diversification and industry 4.0.

The news has been published in journals from different sectors -chemical, logistics, works, etc.- such as Industria Química, Movicarga, Obras Urbanas, Diario del Puerto, among others. It has also been collected in business news headlines such as Profesionales Hoy, the newspaper Estrategia Empresarial and the news portal of the SPRI group.

Among the headlines we can read “Zeuko, industrial tradition“, “Zeuko engineering is relaunched” and “Zeuko engineering diversifies into predictive maintenance“. In the articles, we review our activity and the industrial tradition of more than two decades, acting as the R + D + i department of multiple companies. Also important is the growth forecast, estimated at 80% of the business, and the expansion of activity in the industry.


New phase
An archive with 60.000 crane and industrial equipment plans