Zeuko announces its commitment to the creation and implementation of the Equality of Opportunities Plan for women and men of the company.

Zeuko is a company where sexism and any form of discrimination have no place, so we are developing on a voluntary basis, an equality plan to inform the staff of the protocols that are being taken to avoid any discriminatory situation and as a guarantor of equality in our organization.

We have been working in an inclusive manner for a number of years in our company and this is materialized in access to employment, equal participation in jobs, translated into a significant presence of women in positions of responsibility. More than 40% of the staff are women, 50% in positions of manager level, therefore we can say that in our company there is a gender balance, promoting the incorporation of women in non-traditional work areas such as engineering.

At Zeuko we believe in equal pay and this is based on the position, not on sex. The same criterion is that we use in terms of project assignments, since the decisions are made without having to see the sexual condition, we believe in equal opportunities in terms of salary increase and job promotion.

The nomenclatures of the jobs have been replaced by their homonyms in English, to adapt to the times and eliminate any reference to the sex of the staff. Our communication and language are inclusive, not sexist.

In our company the reconciliation of work, family and personal life is very important, the reduction of working hours for reasons of conciliation can be requested by any person regardless of their sex, to take care of children or elderly people, all of them initiatives aimed at favoring labor flexibility.

We consider equality as an element of quality and it is a basic transverse principle of the organization. The increase in the quantity and quality of the participation of women as a workforce has an increase in benefits at all levels for our company.

In addition to having an equality plan, Zeuko allocates some material and human resources to implement the actions. At the same time, it establishes a timetable for its execution and monitors its effectiveness. A protocol will also be established regarding sexual harassment or for reasons of sex.

For all the above we issue the following statement.

“At ZEUKO we are aware that our business management must be in line with the needs and demands of society, and that is why we have assumed the commitment to develop a PLAN OF EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES AMONG WOMEN AND MEN in the company, following the guidelines established by the legislation on the subject and, therefore, with absolute subjection to the integration of the principle of equal treatment and opportunities as set out in Organic Law 3/2007, for the effective equality of women and men. From February to March 2018 it is expected that we will set up the Committee for Equality, diagnosis and design of our Equality Plan, for this, we share the illusion and interests both the management of Zeuko and the workers of the company, and we urge you to be an active part in the whole process of elaboration, for which we will indicate later on the means and mechanisms to participate, since the result of this first phase will mark the policy of human resources, internal communication and external company during the next four years. We are facing the implementation of the Equality Plan as a modernization of our business management system that will undoubtedly guarantee an internal structure and relationships with society in which our actions are free from discrimination based on sex, contributing to progress towards a society in which equality is real and effective.

Technological Park of Zamudio, February 27, 2018. “

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