We renew the corporate identity

The renewal of the corporate identity of Zeuko arises from the strategic reflection of the organization, to update the brand to a market context that has nothing to do with that of its beginnings, 24 years ago.

The new logo provides a real dimension of where the company is located and where it is headed in the future. A future in which Zeuko has set ambitious goals, in which it is already working through different lines of activity.

It aims to transfer the image of professionalism and technical specialization that has been built along the business trajectory, which makes Zeuko a reference in its field of action. You also want to collect the value proposal that you bring to your customers and your sector, and the vision of the future.

The corporate logo symbol consists of the brand name in a simple but forceful typography. It is accompanied by a graphic symbol that refers us to the fields in which the company is an expert – engineering, structures … -, while suggesting the initial Z of the name. The color combines two blue-tan and dark-and reinforces the idea of + a prestigious brand, as well as a dynamic team and a flexible organization.

An identity to accompany our current stage of development.

Zeuko announces its commitment to the creation and implementation of the Equality of Opportunities Plan for women and men of the company.
New phase